Sep 28, 2013

She loved mysteries so much that she became one.

Okay? Okay.

Time check 2:59 am.

I won't say where I am right now. But heck, this is one magical mystery tour that I'm letting myself into. Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will. Hehehe. I am the living proof that there are actual, living, Margo Roth Spiegelmans existing in this marvelous universe. So where do I put my next...clue?

PS: Oh. Dear. *Lorde.* Chillwave indie songs are playing on the background. Pure love. :)

Damn enigma,

May 6, 2013

Terra 28th

Wow!!! It's been ages since I posted an outfit shot! I'm feeling lazy to dig up my old ootd's but those were uploaded on my Lookbook account so you can check out my sidebar for that!

This one's a biglaang shoot with my friend, Ben! I was in awe when I saw the photos because for a biglaang shoot, the shots were really great!! Obviously, no hmua for these shots and I just had to rely on my bare idol face hehehe... For this post, I had to choose the best shots because the internet and p I'm using is really slow to download HD photos!


Aztec top, Landmark
Blue skinny jeans, Landmark
Neon orange sandals, Solemate

Thank you so much, Ben! :D

Photography by: Benedict Bigalbal

May 2, 2013

Bodato Burgers: Guilt-free goodness in a box!

Ever heard of Bodato? Well, these burgers may look like the fancy good old burgers that you know, but I'm telling you that these burgers are one of their kind, guilt-free goodness in a box! Read on to know why...

As a health and fitness junkie, I'm always on the lookout for munchies that satiate my insatiable hunger and nourish my body at the same time. It was just right on time when I've come to know this burger place called "Bodato Burgers" and luckily we got invited to try on some of their creations!

Upon talking with some of their marketing peeps, here are some trivias about Bodato Burgers that made us go "Whoah!" in awe:

1. First up, the brand name had this interesting etymology! When the owner was just a little kid, he used to be a really big kid, which made him look like a buddha. Coincidentally, Buddha equates to "healthy" in the eastern culture. So, Buddha 'to = Healthy 'to! BODATO!

2. Most of their ingredients are ORGANIC!

3. The burger patties' meat and fat composition was actually computed by their nutritionist! 90% is made of lean meat while a mere 10% goes to fat just for the sake of having moist patties! And this alteration to make the patties nutritious didn't have any effect on the taste of the burger as a whole! Good job right there!

4. They don't use preservatives for the patties. Apparently, they make it everyday, fresh from their kitchen! What's not to love about that?

Here are the scrumptious Bodato treats they prepared for us!

Rainbow Twist Italian Soda:
These drinks come in handy for refreshments! If you've tried this drink called "Milkis," it tastes just like the Rainbow Twist! The catch is that you can choose from a variety of flavors!

This crunchy treat comes with a Creamy Cheese or Chili Con Carne dip! I immediately fell in love with the Creamy Cheese dip! It had this mellow cheesiness that's not too overpowering on the senses and would make you dip the nachos in it until the very last piece! The oh-so-meaty and saucy Chili Con Carne dip had this light curry essence that's perfect if you're craving for spices!

Potato Wedges:
Oh gawd! How Do I Love Thee, Potato Wedges? Let me count the ways... Crispiness was superb! Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside! Super tasty potato goodness! Not that oily! Mustard sauce for this one was perfect! Dang, I'm gonna order this again!

Tofu Burger:
A vegetarian-friendly burger! It would make you feel like you're not eating a Tofu patty at all because it tasted magically meaty on its own! Very light on the tummy so I'm sure this won't get you bloated after eating it!

Chicken Burger:
The taste of chicken meat was very prominent that the saltiness kicked in after a few bites. However, the freshness of the TLC hugged the patty and eventually countered the salty feeling. :)

Mushroom Burger:
One of their bestsellers! It's made with 2 kinds of mushrooms: Shiitake and Oyster! It introduces itself in the palate with a roasted or smoky effect! This is also a vegetarian-friendly burger and I think it's worth giving a shot!

Beef Burger Deluxe:
What made their Beef Burger Deluxe different was the added chili con carne sauce! I loved the curry essence that lingered on my tastebuds with every bite, along with the freshness of vegetables that enveloped the burger in a delicious way! The patty was really beefy and tender!

From this awesome food tasting event, I can say that Bodato Burgers redefined burgers in a healthy, high-end, and delicious way. Those greasy, fatty, fast food burgers were totally redeemed with Bodato Burgers' fresh take on burgers! Guilt-free goodness that you and your body would surely love! Try them now!

Bodato Business Center:
Unit 5F Amber Place #19 Bayani Rd., Taguig City
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm

Market! Market!:
4/F Food Choices, Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 10 am to 9 pm
Friday to Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm

Robinsons Place Palawan:
2/F Food Court, Robinsons Place Palawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Metro Gaisano, Alabang Town Center:
G/F Metro Gaisano, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

LRC 908 Mall Palawan
LRC 908 Market Mall, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Apr 29, 2013

A-Gan Tea: A Delightful Discovery

"Originated from its brand spirits, pure tea, A-gantea persists in brewing with cherry-picked leaves from a tea plantation in an elevation of 1200 meter in Taiwan’s Ali Mountain. The word A-gan in Chinese means sweet & refreshing aftertaste, which is what our A-Gan Green Tea is famous for. "
Adding up to the list of delectable Taiwanese tea shop franchises in the Philippines is our recent discovery, A-Gan Tea, located in the heart of Ayala Triangle Gardens. Their Makati branch was the first franchise store of A-Gan Tea in the country, which further expanded into four more stores located at Greenbelt, Eastwood, Robin's Place Ermita, and Subic. They are also planning to put up a store at Bonifacio Global City, which is a good thing because I'm such a BGC girl more than you can imagine!

Since A-Gan Tea's location is very convenient to go to, we didn't have any difficulty in finding their store. It is inside Breadtalk, and we've come to know that A-Gan Tea and this Breadtalk branch have the same owner. Upon entering, we noticed the sweet smell of tea brewing and some bread baking. It certainly lightened up my mood! This place is a nice spot for tea and pastry lovers! The area for A-Gan Tea customers inside the store was quite small but if you weren't able to land a spot inside, then you could just go al fresco!

For this food tasting event, A-Gan Tea made us try their five bestseller drinks, namely:
Taro Milk Tea
QQ Milk Tea
Bubble Milk Tea
Pear Fruit Tea
Hawaii Fruit Tea

From left to right: Bubble Milk Tea, Pear Fruit Tea, QQ Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, and Hawaii Fruit Tea

Taro Milk Tea
The name of this drink was somehow misleading, because this one's water-based and there's no tea content in this creamy concoction! It had this melted ube ice cream effect on me because it was richly creamy and it had an illusion of tasting lightly sweet despite the fact that no sugar was added in this drink! Amazing right? It also had little taro bits and chewy taro jellies that'll surely surprise you with every sip! Perfect for those who are watching their sugar intake. Plus - I think this is best served with lots of ice!

QQ Milk Tea
For those of you who are wondering, QQ means "chewy chewy." So now you already have a clue on what this drink has to offer. This one is a black tea-based drink with non-dairy creamer and sinkers which included "chewy chewy" pineapple flavored coconut jelly and tiny black pearls. My first sip was a blast - it totally had me falling in love with it until the very last drop! Oh gosh, I loved its booming aroma and flavor! The tea and the sinkers complimented each other well! The yummy pineapple essence of the coconut jelly made this one a winner! This was my personal favorite among the bestsellers and I'm totally getting another cup of this when I pass by Ayala Triangle soon!

Bubble Milk Tea
To make it simple, this was just the same as QQ Milk Tea minus the pineapple essence of the coconut jelly. Instead of using coconut jelly and black pearls, they used large white pearls along with the same black tea goodness of the QQ Milk Tea. The sinkers were heavenly chewy and lightly sweet! I also liked the simplicity of the taste this drink offered. This is perfect for a relaxing chit-chat and hang-out with friends!

Pear Fruit Tea
It's actually my first time to encounter a fruit tea of this variant with agar or "kaong" as its sinker! This one was alpine tea-based so it had this light bittersweet aura that stinged my tastebuds at first but eventually became pleasing to my senses! The agar bits as the sinkers neutralized this bittersweet factor. I honestly had a love-hate relationship with this drink because on some gulps I hated it, and on some gulps I loved it! A-Gan Tea said that this drink was really popular in Taiwan so I think you must try this one if you are a fruit tea lover!

Hawaii Fruit Tea
It looked very tempting to drink because you can clearly see the fresh fruit slices floating inside the cup! Four tropical fruits which consist of apple, lemon, kiwi, and orange were balanced with the authentic goodness of Jasmine tea. The fibrous texture, aroma, and bursting flavor of fruits got me hooked!

In conclusion, I found A-Gan Tea's milk tea and fruit tea blends to be refreshingly good and unique! It gives value for your money along with every delightful sip! I recommend you guys to try one of their five bestsellers! I'm pretty sure that whatever it is tea-related you're craving for, A-Gan Tea has it!

Thank you for our free take away drinks, A-Gan Tea! :)

A-Gan Tea
Greenbelt 2 Park, Ayala Center (+632 751-3338)
G/F, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila (+632 354-6197)
Retail no. 7, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City (+632 621-6133)
Unit PL- 101 Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City Cyber Park Bagumbayan Quezon City (+632 584-3333)

Apr 19, 2013

Chicken Charlie Turns 3!

Charlie is no longer a chick!

The first ever double fried chicken in the Philippines (yes, sila ang pioneer!) celebrates their third year in making quality soy garlic chicken and satisfying their customers! I felt honored and lucky to be invited in this press launch because I've been wanting to try Chicken Charlie since 2012! From their humble beginnings of establishing their first branch in Banawe, Quezon City, Chicken Charlie has expanded into 17 branches already! Wow diba?

Anyhoo, here's a rundown of what we had and what we did during their 3rd anniversary press launch at Chicken Charlie Makati Ave. branch!

They served this beautiful Charlie's Signature Burger first, along with some french fries! It really had a very nice presentation! It looked so tempting and inviting- white and black sesame seeds on top of the perfectly shaped bun, with lettuce leaves that seemed oh so crisp and fresh, and the gigantic chicken chop seemed to shout "I'm so crunchy and juicy!" while getting squeezed between the beautiful hamburger buns!

It was love at first bite! The soy garlic essence gently lingered on my palate while the freshness of the greens enveloped the lightly sweet and salty goodness of the tasty chicken chop! Though it was kind of messy to chomp, the messy eating experience was totally worth it!

Up next, Soy Garlic Chicken Wings! It had a stinging saltiness on the first few chews but then it goes off after the spiciness kicks in! I liked the crispy breading too! I wished that the coating of every wing was heavy because I love a hefty amount of soy garlic sauce on crispy chicken wings. :)

 Cheesestick Dynamites - Oh my gee! I loved the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of this side dish, along with its garlic mayo dip! So crispy on the outside and so bombastically cheesy and spicy on the inside! I ate this while my eyes were closed para feel na ko feel ko! I'm not even kidding on that! ;)

We also had the chance to taste something that's perfect this summer, Charlie Pops! I chose the Mango Orange flavor to get a refreshing fruity palate cleanser! Perfect choice! Charlie Pops are very intact and won't get broken after a few bites! This is also a must try!

They also organized a mini trivia game where Jonver asked questions about Chicken Charlie and the first ones to answer get to win special prizes! Fun segment because I already did an intense Chicken Charlie history research before going to the event! You can already picture which blogger raised her hand the most. *guilty* Trololol!

They also have ongoing promos and giveaways! Head over to Chicken Charlie's Facebook page! They have a trivia game going on and they will also have a Php10/wing promo tomorrow, April 20, 2013, on all branches! Plus, they're giving away an iPad mini to a lucky fan! How awesome is that? Join now before time runs out folks!

Thank you Chicken Charlie for organizing this event! More power to you guys and please continue to serve people with "Chicken like never before!"

PS: After days of some mild contemplation, I've finally decided to keep these GCs to myself instead of holding a blog giveaway. I got addicted to Chicken Charlie's Cheesestick Dynamites and I think 50% of these GCs will be spent on those gastronomic masterpiece! Ahhh~ Thank you for the treats!

Remember to join Chicken Charlie's giveaways and promos, okay?